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Hey guys, long time no see! (again) There hasn't been much news to report on, plus the numerous LJ outages certainly haven't helped...

Looks like there's a new release in the pipelines - just sounds like a best-of album though, being titled "Golden Best". It's being released by Warner Music, who as far as I know hasn't released any Zabadak albums before, so I'm totally clueless as to what will be on this one. The price it quite reasonable at 2000 yen though, and the release date is 9/7.


What's odd is that the official site has an announcement for a best of album on the same date, but it has a different title, label and price. It also has a separate listing on Amazon Japan:


Titled "Platinum", it features tracks from 2001 to current, plus an acoustic version of "Wonderful Life" and "Kono sora de aeruyou" with Koko Komine vocals.


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New (old?) videos

Just another video update - as usual, there hasn't been much else to report as of late. A nice treat just showed up on Youtube though - 2 concerts from the early 90's!

1991 TV live
Member intro + Tooi kuno no tomodachi
Chiisana uchuu
Michishio no yoru
Suna no tobira
Interview part

1992 Club Citta live
Interview part 2
Tooi ongaku
Suna no tobira
Yogoto, shinwa ga tadoritsuku tokoro
Ai wa shizuka na basho ni oritekuru
Watashi wa hitsuji
Tenshi ni chikai yume
Unreasonable Egg

Also, someone made a very nice video with a translation of EXEC_METEMPSYCHOSIS_., Yoko Ueno's song from Ar Tonelico III (see previous post).
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New videos

Yup, it's another "we're not dead" post! I just updated the distant0music youtube channel:

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And lastly, a small bit of news - Yoko Ueno will be one of the singers featured in the upcoming PS3 game Ar Tonelico III. The series is well known for its music, and this entry features an impressive line-up of female vocalists in addition to Ueno - KOKIA, Yayoi Yula, Noriko Mitose, as well as series staples Akiko Shikata and Haruka Shimotsuki.

Hymmnos Concert Side Blue, the album she'll be on (She's being credited as just 'Yoko', though earlier versions of the site had her full name)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UiwsJn0lfA - preview of that album, you can hear part of her song at the 5:15 mark.
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Yes, we're still alive!

Sadly, there hasn't been much news to talk about, so uh, here's a video post instead! Sort of a recap of the more interesting videos that have popped up in the last few months.

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And something a bit different, here's a good deal I stumbled upon for anyone looking for CDs. There's a brand new copy of Yoko Ueno's Puzzle album up on eBay for only $7.99! It's ending very shortly, but the seller already relisted it a couple times, so it's worth watching even if you miss it.

And another shameless plug, I've still got Ueno's YK20 album up for grabs if anyone is interested. I've decided to sell my open copy instead, so now the asking price is $25.

Site update + news

I've putting this post off forever... But Welcome to Zabadak has been updated with lyrics and tracklists. Big thanks to wao, namame @ last.fm and everyone else who offered contributions. I was really surprised (and touched!) how many people came out of the woodwork to help <3

Still lots of works needs to be done - haven't added any new albums yet, etc... oh and wao, I made a few minor corrections to your tracklists. Your Japanese is probably better than mine, so if any of them are wrong, just let me know ^^;


Zabadak's new album "Heikou Sekai" was released in February (man, shows how long I'm been putting this off). There's a nice little site for the album, with a few samples:
Probably because I never took a good look at the tracklist before, but I was surprised to find there's a self-cover of Tabi no Tochuu on there! (though personally, I still prefer the instrumentation of the original version by a little)

And thanks goes out to namame for alerting me that Marsh Mallow is coming out with a new album on 5/13, "mingle-mangle marsh" - their first new album after 8 years. Marsh Mallow is a band of 5 women that includes Yoko Ueno. (sadly Akino Arai is no longer a member, as she was in their first album)