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distant_song's Journal

Zabadak Fan Community
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This is a community for Zabadak and the solo works of its members.

Zabadak is a Japanese band formed in 1985 that has continued to produce music in various forms to this day. They're best known for the strong Celtic influence in their music, though their body of work has also run the gamut from pop, rock, progressive, new age, and various ethnic & traditional styles. They have collaborated with other artists such as Akino Arai, Yasunori Mitsuda, Noriko Mitose and many more.

In 1987, Katsushi Matsuda left the band. Then in 1993, Yoko Ueno left to pursue her own solo works. Tomohiko Kira continues the band as a solo act to this day, with various guest artists - including his wife & ex-Karak vocalist Koko Komine.

Official site
Official MySpace
Yoko Ueno official site
Welcome to Zabadak - fansite

As for rules, just generally play nice and be excellent to each other, ok? We do require any posts related to downloads be friends locked, and the content will still be subject to moderator discretion.